Friday, March 30, 2007

Teen Hears Parents Being Taped Up

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Reporter: Liz Collin

Police say two men broke into a house looking for money. It happened in Lancaster County Monday morning.

The family of three were sleeping when two guys broke in.

"The suspects interacted with them. I can tell you none of them were hurt in any way, shape or form,” said Keith Kreiter, Manheim Township Police.

The 9-1-1 call came from an 18-year-old girl inside, her parents had been duct taped in their bedroom. She heard the whole thing and called for help.

Then the two men came after her, checked her cell phone and by the time they tried to get away police had surrounded the whole house.

When officers got to the home the family stayed upstairs. They made sure they were in view from a second floor window.

Then police moved in from the first floor and arrested one suspect near the garage, a second inside the home.

One of the suspects had a knife but police say it wasn't used.

Manheim Township police say this appears to be a random act.

Police charged a 17-year-old and 22-year old Jorge Chaves with robbery, burglary, attempted theft and unlawful restraint.

Both are from Lancaster County.

This goes in the file cabinet of criminal's gone wild. So with people like this running around you might want to have someone watching your back.

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