Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hanover man charged in Penn jewelry heist

By SHARI SANGER Evening Sun Reporter
Article Launched: 02/27/2007 10:10:51 AM EST

A Hanover man has been charged with stealing more than $43,000 in jewelry from a Penn Township home in November, and selling it to pawn shops in Maryland.

Justin Morehead, 19, of 143 Third St., is charged with burglary, criminal conspiracy, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property. He was placed in York County Prison in lieu of $45,000 bail.

On Nov. 30, Penn Township Police were dispatched to a home in the 100 block of Moore Drive for a reported burglary.

Two residents told police they believed that someone entered their home the day before while they were at work, and removed two jewelry and watch collections worth $43,247, according to court documents filed last month.

A chain lock was cut on a large jewelry cabinet and most of the jewelry items and a box containing several watches were missing, police said.

A third resident of the household told police that earlier that same day, Nov. 29, he had two males – including Morehead – enter the residence for coffee before the males took him to a job interview. He said he caught Morehead in the basement walking around, apparently "scoping out" the residence, police said.

The second male has not been charged in the incident.
Police said the residence was unlocked during the day, and Morehead and the other male failed to show up for their jobs and had the opportunity to return to the residence to commit the burglary.

Records show that some of the stolen items, including a 10-karat diamond/citrine ring, were sold to pawn shops in Maryland.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hardcore Armless, Legless Wrestler Kyle Maynard Will Inspire You

I ran across a spanish post about this inspirational American wrestler. A young man that we can all look to and realize life is really what you make of it. He encourages you to keep fighting and not to give in and quit.

Kyle Maynard: Human Anti-depressant

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tyrone man arrested in wake of northern Blair home thefts

By Greg Bock,

Monday, February 26, 2007 — Time: 3:59:39 PM EST

TYRONE — A 26-year-old Tyrone man faces 14 felony charges for an alleged northern Blair County burglary spree.

Jeremy Verdan Mountz was arraigned Friday morning before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller and returned to Blair County Prison, where he was being held on another matter, in lieu of $350,000 straight bail.

Mountz’s burglary streak allegedly began in October, when he took a chain saw, gas tank and two hand saws from a Grazierville garage, police state.

Mountz also stole another chainsaw and five gas cans that month in the Hoovers Lane area of Snyder Township, court documents state.

The state police-led investigation also involved Tyrone and Bellwood police.

Mountz is charged with stealing 10 chainsaws, a red pick-up truck, a laptop computer, a power washer, air compressor and Pennsylvania inspection stickers.

Mountz took troopers on a tour of the area, pointing out garages and businesses he hit, according to police.

In one of his interviews with state police, Mountz blamed a dead accomplice for committing the thefts and said he paid him money to get items that later were fenced.

Authorities say that Mountz’s spree took him to Bald Eagle, Hoovers Lane, Gates Hill Road and Pot Pie Hill, as well as Decker Hollow and 18th Street in Tyrone borough.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 6.

Police also said they have witnesses to some of the alleged thefts, along with video surveillance.

Mirror Staff Writer Greg Bock is at 946-7446.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another business falls victim to burglary

Hanover, Pennsylvania

1:24 p.m. A burglary was reported at a business in the 400 block of Baltimore Street. A door was forcibly entered and several items were taken.

Hanover seems to be having either an increase in crime these days or is experiencing what has become the same old same old in its more recent history.

When it comes to you and your business or home, don't just be another victim, fight back with a well placed surveillance system. We can help.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Fun Happy times...Numa Numa?

I love spending quality time with my family and friends. The fellowship, food, and conversations make me so happy!! Sometimes we get a little silly like this guy. Has anyone else ever wondered, wow over one million views on Youtube of this one guy lip singing? how?

Times being silly and having a great time with your family or friends is unforgettable. Keep your place of fun and social interaction more secure.

Enjoy a protected and safe home and business environment.

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Surveillance When It Matters

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Surveillance clip on YouTube helps bring murdurer to justice.

Canadian authorities have been feverishly searching for a man believed to be responsible for murdering one person and seriously injuring another. Thanks to the popular video-sharing site, YouTube, their search may be over.

When perusing the video libraries of YouTube, there's a veritable cornucopia of potential things a user might come across. You can find music videos, short films, political commentaries, stunts gone awry... and that Renetto guy just falls into his own odd category.

Thanks to our neighbors to the north (the Canadians, for those of you who are directionally challenged) you can add police evidence to the list of YouTube offerings that one might encounter as well.

Authorities in Hamilton, Ontario uploaded a clip from a surveillance video onto YouTube, showing potential suspects arriving at a local nightclub to see hip-hop artist Sean Price, in the hopes that viewers might be able to aid in an ongoing murder investigation. The video has been viewed over 30,000 times.

A local Hamilton man, George Gallow, turned himself into police on Tuesday. The authorities credit the YouTube video as a major influence toward Gallow's decision to give himself up. read more

Sentry1st Surveillance

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

U2 Surveillance (2) An Cat Dubh (Infrared cameras caught this)

Check out this amazing U2 concert a guy got on video with some sweet infrared cameras.

Sentry1st surveillance

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Catching a Killer, With Help From a Camera

I thought this was a rather interesting story so I thought I would share it.

Catching a Killer, With Help From a Camera

ABC News

Jan. 2, 2007 — It was an early May morning in 2005, and Patricia McDermott had no reason to expect anything but a typical commute to her job as an X-ray technician.

Riding the No. 33 bus through the predawn streets of Philadelphia, McDermott got off at her regular stop — the post office on the corner of Ninth and Market streets.

Watch Video: Catching a Killer

She began walking south, toward Pennsylvania Hospital, but she never made it to work. Minutes after she got off the bus, McDermott was discovered lifeless on the street by a passing driver.

Police on the scene were stumped at first. Was it a robbery, an accident or a suicide?
"There was blood on the sidewalk," said Howard Peterman, one of the first detectives to respond. "We looked around for evidence for weapons. No ballistic evidence. We looked up to see if she had jumped from the building. … [There was] no evidence to show us what had happened."

But Peterman noticed something else when he looked up — surveillance cameras mounted all around the post office. read more...

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Night Not Soon Forgotten

The house creaked slightly as I rolled out of my bed. The oak tree shadow from outside my window fell over my room as I was reminded of my loneliness. The moon had just crept out form behind the passing clouds as I listened to the howling wind and watched as the shadows of the tree branches danced about the bedroom form side to side. Thud, shatters I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and broke out in a cold sweet. I could literally feel my heart beat through my head. My mind began to race as I frantically tried to decide what to do about the sound of an obvious intruder down stairs. Let me think, uh... the nearest phone is down the hall. So I'll run -- call the police, then bolt for Mike's shotgun.

I put my plan into action and with each running step I pleaded with God to keep this burglary from hearing me. At this point my body was pulsing with adrenaline. Right as I picked the cordless phone up I heard the handle turn to the door at the base of the stairway. The door was slammed open as I dialed 911 and ran to the closet to get the deadly shotgun. Ring ring, hello, please state the nature of your emergency...Someone just broke in to my house and is coming up the stairs, please send the police as fast as you can...Calm down, I need more information what is your name and address? My name is Nancy Dunder and I live at 322 Sycamore St. Redmont, PA, 17552. OK Mrs. Dunder an office has been dispatched...

I turned the hallway light on as the man in a black stocking mask, jeans, and gloves had taken two steps into the hallway. His wide eyed expression was priceless as he stared down the barrel of my shotgun. He said "Now drop that shotgun lady, before someone gets hurt." to which I replied "No the police are on their way and should be hear any minute." After hearing that the man threw a crow bar at me that I barely dodged and ran down stairs and apparently took off with my kitchen stereo, television, and as much food as he could grab. I then heard a car speed away after which about 5 minutes later the police pulled into my drive way.

Knock, knock, knock

I answered the as the police office said, "Mrs. Dunder are you all right? I see someone shattered your side window." and I answered "No, not that one I just had that replaced last week, but I think I will be OK, thank God I was injured" "That is good, now ma'am, can you give me a description of the intruder?" I replied "well not a good one, he was about 5 ft. 8 in. tall and was wearing all black, uh a black stocking mask, jeans, and gloves and carried a crow bar that he threw at me before fleeing my house with a t.v, stereo, and some food." "Did the crow bar hit you any where?" I said, "Fortunately I was able to moved out of its path with in an inch of it hitting my head, by the way officer what is you name? I think I recognize you." "My name is Brian Swing, I grew up about a mile and a half down the road. Which reminds me, my brother owns the house down that way and has recently had a surveillance system installed with an alarm. You might want to consider having doing the same to help prevent something like this in the future.' I answered " I think I will do just that."

That night I determined to make my house as safe as possible and get married so I would no longer be home alone all the time. I most definitely know that night will not soon be forgotten.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

Cold-Blooded Burglars Put Chihauhua In Freezer (Lancaster, CA)

Posted by gonzo Filed Under Weird News

Roxy was still shivering Thursday — the tiny Chihuahua was OK, but the day before had spent hours in a freezer, dumped there by burglars annoyed by her barking as they rifled her family’s Lancaster home. Read more..

The chances that a burglary in the US will be solved: 1 in 7.

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Reality Poem

Can you tell me is it a half lie or half-truth? I can't believe either, wondering if I'll make it through or give up and die. Oh, how I wish I could fly from the one I see starring back at me, in a mirror, reflection of a heart rejection misrepresentation of the truth looking back at these nonresponsive eyes. Unreal, can't feel, open up the banana and peel through the callused skin, hoping it's still soft with in, that it doesn't go on forever never reaching the end, that things will change around the next bend.

Sitting on the edge, but how I want to make a pledge to the God of kindness and love, oh can't hear him or feel him, but I still know the dove, Holy Spirit above is calling out to me to fall down and cast my crown, forget the wheel and turn in the keys to the real King of all, the one Creator of love, Jesus Christ, my only chance, my only hope for deliverance. Second chances, do they still matter? Do they still work? But as I fall asleep and dream I known that His life answered the mystery. The blood will clear my mind and wipe away the history, cleanse my dirty robe draw me close to the sustainer and intercessor who is ever making cries for my soul, for my heart, to heal the wound from this terrible dart of mediocrity, pacify, sitti'n down and wondering how I'll get out of the mess on my own. It's impossible, and I know it, so here I go to my knees, and cry please, open my heart!!!!! Heal the wound from the dart, soften the hard, lukewarm heart and bring me back to you Father.

Oh, why did I bother to strive on my own for so long, when You were the one calling out from your depths so strong, with a voice of discipline, a voice of love, never letting go of this child you deeply love. Help me see, how you could possible delight in me. Pull back the shades, and clear the clouds, that I might see that you hear me, your near me, with your arms opened wide, calling me away my from my selfish pride. Oh, let me say it's died, as I hear you cry it is finished!!! And see the stream run free a river of pure blood you spilt for me, from a pure heart who became my sin, oh how could I possible ignore this unceasing love and not let you in.

I open the door, oh please come in !!! I open my heart; oh touch the hidden depths within. Deep calls out to deep as the healing water flows from the wondrous heart of an all compassionate savior, now king in this once hard heart, that is being broken apart and shaped into the pure loving home for the King of the ages, for forever I will sing his praises as I fall on me knees and hand him the keys to my heart, allow him to captivate as he shows me my part in this never ending Romance, oh this is but a tastes, a few sparks of what will be. I surrender to his gracious and loving rule; passionate reign from this throne centered around the cradle of my inner most parts. He created me to hear his whisper and know his heart the secrets spoken; only heard from the ears in my deepest parts. Oh receive me in your loving embrace as I race, run to your wide open arms and hear you say “I've been waiting my child, always waiting and watching with tear filled eyes longing for you to look up and see my ever open loving eyes and come to my side.

Four charged in Rutter's burglary

I recently read this article from a local newspaper that really opens up your eyes to how much financial damage can be done to a business by a few thieves.

Daily Record/Sunday News
Article Launched: 01/14/2007 03:09:50 AM EST

Jan 14, 2007 — Four men were arrested and charged with the burglary of a Rutter's Farm Store after state police spotted a large safe in the back of a van stopped during a routine traffic stop Friday morning.
Tyrone Clark, 31, Edward Kinnebrew, 26, David Haynes, 29, and Gregory Giddings, 25, all of Philadelphia, were committed to York County Prison on $250,000 bail on charges of burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy.

The men were arrested 3 a.m. Friday when Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Brian Tokar and Cpl. Wesley Van Wyk stopped a van for a traffic violation along Interstate 83, near the Pennsylvania Turnpike exit.

During the stop, a trooper spotted a large safe and numerous cartons of cigarettes in the back of the vehicle.

The driver ran from the vehicle when questioned by police and was apprehended after a short foot chase. The three remaining suspects were taken into custody.

State police later discovered the suspects were wanted in West Manchester Township for the robbery of the Rutter's Farm Store in the 2000 block of Carlisle Road, according to police. The items in the van were later identified as having come from Rutter's.

The items were valued at more than $10,000, according to police. Numerous burglary tools were also found inside the van, police say.

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