Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do Americans have an opinion about the increased use of rapidly advancing CCTV technology?

If you walk down your local street past the pump and into your convenient store and look up and scan for 3 minutes you will most likely see the never dying eye of a security camera starring down on you. You are being monitored in the store, maybe at work, and possibly by some jerk's hidden camera in a dressing room. That's right this technology is being grossly abused by certain scum bags. Does this abuse run further than the local dirt bag who uses this tech as a peeping tom or do you think that "Big Brother" will abuse it and start regulating your every waking moment.

I personally am in the middle. I think the scum bags should be prosecuted for their misconduct and any regulation (if there should be any?) should be done to define the proper use of security cameras in the public arena. You can't give any private organization or government under the sun a free for all to do whatever they want with your privacy. Here lies the core issue, how far are we willing to allow the federal government to go, in order to insure our "safety" as if you can no longer protect yourself or your family.

Think of all the rednecks packing a nice shotgun or rifle.

If the 2nd amendment dies, we are gonna be rather helpless if a real live enemy uhmm (islamo-fascists) try to blow up or release biological pathegens on our local business' or malls. Well what can one person do to stop this? I do not know but the option should be there.

You do not think this will ever happen. Well then you obviously do not know our enemy and he wants to keep it that way. You can't fight what you do not know. If we give our currently corrupt government all the power than the "We the people" in the constitution means nothing but ink on paper.

In the search for security how far is too far? Our there any ideal solutions? Do we care enough to have this debate or will be dissolved into a Mexican Canadian stew of madness? Can cameras be used constructively on our borders? for instance Honey Well's MAV
(Micro Air Vehicle).

Share your opinions. Does American Sovereignty and security matter to anyone today?

Try searching on google about the North American Trade Union.

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