Friday, February 2, 2007

Reality Poem

Can you tell me is it a half lie or half-truth? I can't believe either, wondering if I'll make it through or give up and die. Oh, how I wish I could fly from the one I see starring back at me, in a mirror, reflection of a heart rejection misrepresentation of the truth looking back at these nonresponsive eyes. Unreal, can't feel, open up the banana and peel through the callused skin, hoping it's still soft with in, that it doesn't go on forever never reaching the end, that things will change around the next bend.

Sitting on the edge, but how I want to make a pledge to the God of kindness and love, oh can't hear him or feel him, but I still know the dove, Holy Spirit above is calling out to me to fall down and cast my crown, forget the wheel and turn in the keys to the real King of all, the one Creator of love, Jesus Christ, my only chance, my only hope for deliverance. Second chances, do they still matter? Do they still work? But as I fall asleep and dream I known that His life answered the mystery. The blood will clear my mind and wipe away the history, cleanse my dirty robe draw me close to the sustainer and intercessor who is ever making cries for my soul, for my heart, to heal the wound from this terrible dart of mediocrity, pacify, sitti'n down and wondering how I'll get out of the mess on my own. It's impossible, and I know it, so here I go to my knees, and cry please, open my heart!!!!! Heal the wound from the dart, soften the hard, lukewarm heart and bring me back to you Father.

Oh, why did I bother to strive on my own for so long, when You were the one calling out from your depths so strong, with a voice of discipline, a voice of love, never letting go of this child you deeply love. Help me see, how you could possible delight in me. Pull back the shades, and clear the clouds, that I might see that you hear me, your near me, with your arms opened wide, calling me away my from my selfish pride. Oh, let me say it's died, as I hear you cry it is finished!!! And see the stream run free a river of pure blood you spilt for me, from a pure heart who became my sin, oh how could I possible ignore this unceasing love and not let you in.

I open the door, oh please come in !!! I open my heart; oh touch the hidden depths within. Deep calls out to deep as the healing water flows from the wondrous heart of an all compassionate savior, now king in this once hard heart, that is being broken apart and shaped into the pure loving home for the King of the ages, for forever I will sing his praises as I fall on me knees and hand him the keys to my heart, allow him to captivate as he shows me my part in this never ending Romance, oh this is but a tastes, a few sparks of what will be. I surrender to his gracious and loving rule; passionate reign from this throne centered around the cradle of my inner most parts. He created me to hear his whisper and know his heart the secrets spoken; only heard from the ears in my deepest parts. Oh receive me in your loving embrace as I race, run to your wide open arms and hear you say “I've been waiting my child, always waiting and watching with tear filled eyes longing for you to look up and see my ever open loving eyes and come to my side.

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