Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Night Not Soon Forgotten

The house creaked slightly as I rolled out of my bed. The oak tree shadow from outside my window fell over my room as I was reminded of my loneliness. The moon had just crept out form behind the passing clouds as I listened to the howling wind and watched as the shadows of the tree branches danced about the bedroom form side to side. Thud, thud...glass shatters I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and broke out in a cold sweet. I could literally feel my heart beat through my head. My mind began to race as I frantically tried to decide what to do about the sound of an obvious intruder down stairs. Let me think, uh... the nearest phone is down the hall. So I'll run -- call the police, then bolt for Mike's shotgun.

I put my plan into action and with each running step I pleaded with God to keep this burglary from hearing me. At this point my body was pulsing with adrenaline. Right as I picked the cordless phone up I heard the handle turn to the door at the base of the stairway. The door was slammed open as I dialed 911 and ran to the closet to get the deadly shotgun. Ring ring, hello, please state the nature of your emergency...Someone just broke in to my house and is coming up the stairs, please send the police as fast as you can...Calm down, I need more information what is your name and address? My name is Nancy Dunder and I live at 322 Sycamore St. Redmont, PA, 17552. OK Mrs. Dunder an office has been dispatched...

I turned the hallway light on as the man in a black stocking mask, jeans, and gloves had taken two steps into the hallway. His wide eyed expression was priceless as he stared down the barrel of my shotgun. He said "Now drop that shotgun lady, before someone gets hurt." to which I replied "No the police are on their way and should be hear any minute." After hearing that the man threw a crow bar at me that I barely dodged and ran down stairs and apparently took off with my kitchen stereo, television, and as much food as he could grab. I then heard a car speed away after which about 5 minutes later the police pulled into my drive way.

Knock, knock, knock

I answered the as the police office said, "Mrs. Dunder are you all right? I see someone shattered your side window." and I answered "No, not that one I just had that replaced last week, but I think I will be OK, thank God I was injured" "That is good, now ma'am, can you give me a description of the intruder?" I replied "well not a good one, he was about 5 ft. 8 in. tall and was wearing all black, uh a black stocking mask, jeans, and gloves and carried a crow bar that he threw at me before fleeing my house with a t.v, stereo, and some food." "Did the crow bar hit you any where?" I said, "Fortunately I was able to moved out of its path with in an inch of it hitting my head, by the way officer what is you name? I think I recognize you." "My name is Brian Swing, I grew up about a mile and a half down the road. Which reminds me, my brother owns the house down that way and has recently had a surveillance system installed with an alarm. You might want to consider having doing the same to help prevent something like this in the future.' I answered " I think I will do just that."

That night I determined to make my house as safe as possible and get married so I would no longer be home alone all the time. I most definitely know that night will not soon be forgotten.

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